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Welcome, Classmates

Welcome to our Upper Arlington High Class Of 1962 website. Our 60th reunion took place over the 4th of July long weekend this year (2022). Photos are posted so be sure to check them out. 

Also, update your profile with photos and tales -- and any changes of address, email address, or phone numbers--especially cell phone numbers. 

Note that we have rearranged the tabs on the website and some tabs, like the Past Reunions tab have sub-tabs. Tabs are along the top and the left side of the page. Here is a brief description of each tab.

  • Home PageThe page you are currently reading
  • Classmate Profiles—Each classmate has a personal page to tell us about what they have been doing the last 60 years (we have had fascinating lives) and what they are doing now. Classmates are encouraged to upload current pictures of ourselves. Also be sure to update your mobile phone number -- you never know when another storm will make it necessary to call you with a change of plans.
    • Bonus—You can send e-mails to classmates through the website by going to their Profile Page.
  • Veterans and Trailblazers -- Be sure to check out subpages for stories of our classmates' military and civic service.  

  • 60th Year Reunion -- Information and memories from our successful 60th year reunion.

    • View photos from the 60th Reunion activities

  • Past Reunions -- If you don't think we have aged at all, look back through photos of past reunions as we gracefully (?) changed from young adults to middle age.
    Note: Past Reunions has sub-tabs displayed by hovering over the small arrow to the right. You can access tons of photos and memorabilia from our  50th and 55th reunions. 

  • Early Photos -- Who are those cute little kids in first grade, at cooking classes, and on the gridiron?

  • Links -- Links to other websites of interest to our classmates

  • Music memorabilia -- Our musicals were the best!

  • Recent Gatherings -- Photos and information on past class luncheons, birthday parties, etc.

  • 2021 UAHS Building -- Down & Up -- contains photos from 2021 of the old high school, the demolition of the old high school, and the new high school.

  • 2012 UA Photos -- Photos of what Upper Arlington looked like in 2012

  • Missing Classmates—Please check out this tab and help us find our missing classmates. We want everyone in the class to have the opportunity to stay in touch.

  • Contact Us—If you have any problems with the website or questions on how to set up your profile page, use this link to send a message to our webmasters, Dotty Garvin Tonjes and Joy Daniels Schmitter, who will get back with you.

  • In Memoriam—Sadly, a large number of classmates are no longer with us. This page lists those classmates and gives the details about them. If you have more information about a deceased classmate, use the Contact Us tab to send us the information.

  • Member Functions--These functions enable you to customize how you receive notifications, communicate with other classmates, edit your contact and profile information, post announcements to the class, and perform other tasks. 


If you are interested in creating a website for your class reunion, click on the link below: