60th Reunion Activities Survey

Please complete the following survey to help your committee better plan our 60th reunion.

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1)   Are you coming to the 60th reunion?

2)   Currently the costs for the 60th reunion are $75 for class members and $75 for guests. It goes for the food, rent, decorations, any mailings, parade, and other reunion expenses. Are you comfortable with this price structure?

3)   The Class Dinner is currently scheduled for the Amelita Morolor Barn on 7/3/2022. Are you planning to attend?

4)   If you are planning to attend the class dinner, will you be bringing a guest?

5)   The Ladies Luncheon is currently scheduled for Saturday afternoon 7/2/22. Do you plan to attend?

6)   Currently we are planning on having some sort of presence in the parade. What would you prefer?

7)   Is there another activity you would like to participate in for our 60th reunion?

8)   Would you like us to give a class gift?

9)   If we had a pre-fireworks table, would you attend?

10)   If we had a farewell brunch, would you attend?

11)   Which of the above activities would you be willing to help with?

12)   Would you be willing to help locate missing classmates? (It is a work-from-home opportunity to help).

13)   If you are attending the reunion, what type of room will you need?

14)   What hotel amenities are important to you?

Check the one(s) that are most important
15)   Will you want an accessible room?

Yes No
16)   What day do you think you might check in at the hotel?

17)   What day do you think you might check out of the hotel?

18)   If you stayed at a hotel for our 55th reunion, do you have any suggestions or observations?

19)   Please add any other thoughts you would like to share to help the 60th reunion planning committee, including any other activities you would like to see included.